Hiking Records

I’ve been hiking for a while, and it’s time to keep a record of the hikes I’ve done. I’ll try to keep this page updated.


  1. Half Dome cable down hike, Yosemite National Park, CA
    • 19.27 miles, 5509 ft elevation gain, 15:06 hours
    • The hardest part is the snow-covered subdome. We all only had microspikes, and it was very slippery. The final cable section on half dome was okay, except we had to wait for the traffic.
  2. Six peaks loop, Mount Diablo State Park, CA
    • 16.5 miles, 4823 ft elevation gain, ~8:00 hours
    • Harder than I thought. We hiked up and run down. The trail is very steep, and the weather was hot.
  3. Pinnacles National Park, CA
    • 13 miles, 2930 ft elevation gain, 5:38 hours
    • This trail is easy except for the heat. There were supposed to be two caves, we ended up only visiting one. The other one was flooded.
  4. Sykes Hot Spring, Big Sur, CA
    • 22.7 miles, 5604 ft elevation gain, 2 days (backpacking)
    • The trail is FUN! We hiked in to the campsite a bit late, and had to look for the hot spring in the dark along the river. The hot spring was very nice under the starry sky.
  5. Black Mountain, Los Altos, CA
    • 10 miles, 2427 ft elevation gain, personal record: 2:23 hours
    • Trail running training.
  6. Berkeley Loop to San Pablo Reservoir, Berkeley, CA
    • 18.7 miles, 4130 ft elevation gain, 6:30 hours
    • Regular trail exercise.
  7. Cathedral lakes to Sunrise Lakes, Yosemite National Park, CA
    • 21.3 miles, 2628 ft elevation gain, 10:50 hours (2 days backpacking)
    • Beautiful trail with a crazy amount of mosquitos in August. We camped at Sunrise Lakes, and the view was amazing.
  8. Mission Peak, Fremont, CA
    • 6.5 miles, 2100 ft elevation gain, ~2:00 hours
    • Classic Bay Area hike, completed more than 10 times.
  9. San Francisco Crosstown Trail, San Francisco, CA
    • 19.3 miles, 2247 ft elevation gain, 8:13 hours
    • Fun trail to cross the whole San Francisco while mostly staying on the trail. Also interesting to hop on and off the trail to explore the city (we ate at a really good Pho place in the sunset district).
  10. Cactus to Clouds, Palm Springs, CA
    • 21.5 miles, 10800 ft elevation gain.
    • Almost finished: 19.4 miles, 10131 ft, 12:18 hours.
    • This is really really hard! Will do it again. Contact me if interested!
  11. Monterey Bay Half Marathon, Monterey, CA
    • 13.1 mikes, 400 ft elev gain.
    • First-time half-marathon! Finished in 2:26.

(Missing: a few hikes in the East Sierra, including Morgan Pass, Bishop Pass, and Kearsarge Pass.)